1. jellyspls:

    Icons for you and your best friend.

  2. kingvitaly:

    make me choose

    aleks-pkc asked: seamus or aleks

  3. rhyse:

    Someone took audio from Achievement Hunter’s heist videos and used it for the bank robbery scene from The Dark Knight

  4. optimistxxprime:

    Aleks calling for bossman when James bullies him (◡‿◡✿) [x]

  5. creature shorts 1/?
  6. immortalshd:

It’s like his hair never changes.


    It’s like his hair never changes.

  7. creaturehunter:

    [x] James has a love for blowjob jokes.

  8. [18/09/2014 00:33:47] anal savior: Seamus ‘Basketball Shorts’ O’Doherty is a Creature and is known for his basketball shorts, basketball shorts, and basketball shorts.

  9. x

  10. immortal-hd:

    here is a compilation of reaction images for you stach lovers haters out there